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India is a young nation with 60% of the population under the age of 30 years, and the future of the nation rests on them. A well educated youth with emphasis on ethical values of honesty and integrity will be an asset to the nation. PCGT undertook the programme of Youth For Governance (YFG) in 2012 and since then has been trying to motivate the youth across Mumbai city colleges to be a part of the movement of promoting good governance.


• Sensitize / mentor the youth in ethical values with an emphasis on good governance, transparency and accountability.
In pursuance of the above objective, PCGT organizes :
• RTI sessions to educate students, who, in turn, are expected to take the message to communities they live in.
• Sessions on Gender Sensitization in collaboration with Mumbai Police.
• Dialogues with eminent professionals from different fields emphasizing the need for professional ethics to serve the society with honesty and integrity.
• Citizen Policing Programme (CPP)
• Good Governance Campaign such as Road Safety Campaign
• Sexual Harassment, eve-teasing and emerging social concerns of the contemporary world.


1. Time Line Of Activities : -


A project of PCGT for school students
• Kuchh Aur programme is an extension of education beyond the school curriculum and text books.
• The idea is to inculcate values amongst our students and youth so that they become better citizens of the country and not only make India proud but become good citizens of the world.
• For academic year 2017-18 we have collaborated with other NGOs who are doing wonderful work in the society.
• A yearly curriculum has been finalized month-wise for the various schools. The entire program is known as Lessons in Responsible Citizenship.
• To convey the concept in an interesting way, lot of mediums and methodologies are used like the audio-video, stories, music and movement and activity-based modules which the students enjoy.
• Sessions are conducted in BMC Schools and SSC Board Schools.
Workshops for Teachers are conducted with a focus on how a happy person could be a good teacher and make a difference not only to her students but also to the society.

Partner NGOs
• Children of the World, Nerul and Rabale,
• Jan Jagruti Vidhyarthi Sang,
• Mother and Child Welfare Trust, Rajgurunagar, for outreach community sessions.

Apart from conducting community sessions, PCGT also collaborates with :
• Education Today Society Tomorrow (ETST)
• Initiatives Of Change (IofC)
• Parisar Asha
• Each One Teach One (EOTO)
• Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA).

Community Sessions

Community sessions have been arranged for the children who collectively come and spend time at a place where they meet, play with each other, express themselves and do things which they are unable to do anywhere else or even in school. These community centers open up an arena for sharing, learning, gathering knowledge which they cannot get anywhere. PCGT inculcates values through stories, music, role plays, group discussions and festivals.

Outreach Programmes

Outreach visits are planned this year where PCGT had imparted value education sessions in a two day summer camp at Rajgurunagar – a town that comes under the Pune district, with more than 200 tribal children.

Training of Our Staff

Our staff comprising of Programme Manager and Programme Executive are sent on regular training Workshops and are mentored by various Individuals and Groups. Some of the trainings that they have attended are:
1. Workshop at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, organized by ETST.
2. Workshop on ‘Am I stagnant or creating ripples in home, school and society’ organized by ETST.
3. Workshop at Each One Teach One (EOTO) organized by ETST in collaboration with PCGT on ‘Making a difference together’
4. Workshop organized by Parisar Asha on ‘Theatre in Education’.
5. Workshop organized by Pragnya Bodhini School on ‘Peace’.
6. Storytelling workshop organized by S.N.D.T. University, Juhu.
7. Puppet workshop organized by the Early Childhood Association (ECA).
8. Workshop on ‘How stories are born and pictures are made’ organized by Comet Media Foundation.
9. Workshop organized by the Bombay Cambridge Group of Schools on Sexual Abuse and POCSO Act.
10. Workshop on Parenting for Peace at Surat.

“Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions. When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation.”

• Atifete Jahjaga

Knowledge is power. An enlightened citizenry is the backbone of good governance. Empowered by RTI, a well-informed people can make democracy function effectively.


• To spread awareness of the effective use of RTI Act among the college youth and weaker sections of the public in support of public causes,
• To get their genuine grievances redressed.

In pursuance of the above objectives, PCGT conducts / organizes :
• RTI workshops / sessions in various colonies, particularly of underprivileged sections of society.
• RTI workshops / sessions in colleges to impart knowledge to students on the effective use of the RTI Act
• Train interns, especially students from Law colleges and colleges of Social Science on the effective use of the RTI Act in pursuit of good governance.
• Conduct RTI counseling clinics to help the poor and needy to file RTI applications and provide necessary back-up till their genuine grievances are redressed.


Dependent Gets Job Promptly Through RTI :

On a complaint from one Mrs. Nirmala Naresh Baria that her application from Dependent’s Job (Preferential Treatment Case) in the BMC following the death of her husband, a BMC employee, in May 2015, was not responded to till June, 2017, PCGT filed an RTI application before the D-Ward BMC Office, seeking to know the status of the said P.T. Case and the timelines prescribed for disposal of such cases in general. A similar RTI application was also filed seeking the follow-up action on another application of the aforesaid widow about the pending leave salary of her husband.
Responding to the said RTI applications, the ward office promptly processed the cases and appointed the widow in a suitable post under ‘Dependents’ Category’ in August 2017 and also assured her of the prompt payment of her husband’s leave salary.

Transparency in Port Trust Offices at the Instance of PCGT

On coming to know that there are no transparent procedures in place at Mumbai Port Trust offices for issue/renewal of various licenses, permits, etc. to check corruption and undue delays, Chairman, PCGT, wrote (July, 2017) to Mr. Sanjay Bhatia, Chairman, Mumbai Port Trust, urging him to immediately implement transparency measures as per section 4 of the RTI ACT, 2005, for the benefit of all those needy people.
In response, the Chairman, Mumbai Port Trust, ordered (end July, 2017) prominent display of all the prescribed forms, procedures, timeline, fees payable for issue/renewal of licences, permits etc. in various Port Trust Offices for the benefit of all.


A BMC worker started getting his Washing Allowance (WA) (denied hitherto) along with his pay from April 2016 onwards, in response to an RTI application filed by the PCGT.
The BMC worker had also received a sum of Rs. 9,000/- in one go as arrears of his WA as per the directives of the SIC to the BMC.


Mr. Trikam Baria approached PCGT in October 2016 complaining that a residential flat allotted to him in the year 2013 by MHADA in Grant Road, Mumbai, was not handed over to him for occupation till date, nor was there any communication from MHADA to the effect. The PCGT took up the case and pursued through RTI and correspondence from the Chairman, PCGT with MHADA. On establishing a case of fraud prima facie, the PCGT informed the Crime Branch, Mumbai City Police, who registered a case in this regard. With all these efforts, the MHADA came around in August 2017 and agreed to allot a flat in another building nearby as the building in which the flat was originally allotted did not have NOC from Fire and MCGM departments.


Corruption is a cancer affecting our nation’s political, economic and social life. There is unanimity of opinion that corruption at the higher levels of governance is detrimental to national development, while at lower level it affects the most marginalized sections of society. It can be fought effectively by a strong, credible, effective and independent anti-corruption mechanism.
• PCGT acts as a watchdog which can agitate, build public opinion, litigate and guard against undue political interference in the statutory functioning of the public servants in the State of Maharashtra.
• Protect and insulate from adverse consequences honest public servants who perform their lawful duties without fear or favour, ill-will or affection.
• Nudge the government to weed out in time the incompetent, dishonest and morally weak public servants.
• Take action against those who, without sufficient reason, delay / deny proposal for and / or grant of sanctions to prosecute all those public servants who on investigation have been found prima facie criminally compliant.
• Conclude departmental enquiries against corrupt public servants well in time.


Sarosh gets back his lost money

On 3.7.17, Mr. Sarosh Gandhi, a Member of PCGT, came complaining that on 28/06/2017 some unknown persons fraudulently withdrew Rs. 1,61,617/- from his Son’s credit card of Standard Chartered Bank and purportedly purchased Qatar Airways tickets.
He was advised to immediately approach the bank and cyber crime police for blocking the credit card and to trace the fraudster. He was also asked to alert Qatar Airways not to honour the tickets allegedly purchased with this money.
On vigorous pursuit by the complainant and his family and thanks to prompt action by the Bhoiwada PS, Cyber Cell Police and Dindoshi PS (to where the complaint was finally transferred for the sake of jurisdiction), Mr. Gandhi, the complainant visited PCGT on 18.9.17 to inform that he got back the entire lost money and thanked the PCGT and Police for their guidance and help.

Irregularities in Public Distribution System (PDS) Rectified in Tardeo and Andheri Areas

On complaints of non receipt of rations from PDS outlets in Tardeo and Andheri areas, the PCGT vigorously followed up by dialing the PDS complaint cell (1800224950) set up under the FSSAI Act by the Central government. As a result of PCGT’s efforts, all those ration-card holders, who had not received their rations for months on end, got their rations with arrears in one go.
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