KUCHH AUR focuses on Value education for responsible citizens and we selected BMC Schools, Private schools and aided schools in Mumbai. Our aim is to inculcate values. In our Sessions students interacted freely and understood why values are important in daily life. Some of the values discussed are listed below

Our KUCHH AUR Sessions are always open and interactive, feelings and, thoughts are shared with us. Each childs views are appreciated. We always encourage the students to share and ask questions.

KUCHH AUR = Happiness

We partner with a community an NGO “Children of the world, Navi Mumbai”, where more than 300 students participate in the sessions. A lot of activities and lessons in values are done in these communities.

KUCHH AUR started monthly sessions with Parents in communities and teach them about good parenting.

Under our KUCHH AUR project we stared “Traffic Campaign “, students requested citizens to follow the rules for safety.

We encourage our Community Kids to come up with new ideas that would benefit and make them responsible citizens.

Mentorship programme

The mentoring programme for the students of STD 8th to 12th under the initiative of KUCHH AUR, started from 1st October 2020, as all the schools were under the lockdown refocused on four different schools who would go through a mentorship programme. 50 students from various state board schools in Mumbai have been a part of this mentorship program that is going on through zoom and Google links.

The main purpose of starting this initiative was to encourage the students who were forced to be indoors to find the calling through the session which expose them to different individuals who are experts in their field sharing their knowledge & expertise which would intern help the students to find their own purpose in life.

Mentorship programme

Due to COVID - 19, we have all our session’s online through Goggle meet & we interact with School and Community Students for an hour each every week. We introduce different topics and stories. In the community the Interns did a presentation on nature, gender equality, compassion towards animals and various other topics that interests the children.

‘The Joy of Living’ which is the theme of our sessions this academic year also reached out to the teachers of various schools. A special module compassing of 5 sessions was conducted for the principal and staff of Podar International SSC section. The subtopics under the theme were as follows:

  1. The Joy of Living is in the Joy of Giving,

  2. Peace - a way of life,

  3. Nature, our best friend,

  4. Music and unity,

  5. Knowing ourselves.

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